Who Gets to Decide What’s Normal? Finding Success for All Kinds of Learners

Cynthia Tobias

What if how well you do in the formal school classroom doesn’t turn out to be what makes you successful in life? Here’s an entertaining and informative look at how individual learning styles in the homeschool setting can provide amazing opportunities for all kinds of students to love learning for the rest of their lives. …

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Best-selling author and popular speaker Cynthia Tobias offers practical and encouraging strategies for understanding the way we learn and work, and bringing out the best in almost anyone. She is the author of Focus on the Family’s best-selling book The Way They Learn and was listed in their Best of Broadcast for 4 years in a row.

You gave me so much insight into the way my almost-14-year-old strong-willed daughter thinks. I’ve applied some of the strategies you spoke of, and there is peace. I can’t thank the Lord enough for using you…

Cynthia Tobias has a successful background that includes over 30 years of private practice, 8 years of teaching high school, and 6 years in law enforcement. She has authored 13 books and is a featured guest on radio and television and is a popular presenter for business, government agencies, churches, and schools throughout the U.S. and the world. She is the mother of twin sons—now young adults—and she and her husband Jack live in the Seattle area.

Cynthia’s educational clients have included a large number of public and private schools across the country and around the world. She has taken her educational expertise to many international schools and organizations, including those in South Africa, Bolivia, Trinidad, South Korea, Australia, and more. Her skills and experience have allowed her unique teaching opportunities for Loma Linda Medical School, Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center, the Marine Corp Civilian Law Enforcement Command School, Eastside Fire and Rescue, and other similar organizations.

Cynthia’s corporate clients have included Seattle Police Department, Los Angeles Police Department, International Association of Women Police (IAWP), General Motors, Walt Disney, Merrill Lynch, and BNSF Railroads, as well as numerous government agencies, law enforcement, and fire & rescue services.

Cynthia received her B.A. at Northwest Nazarene University, her Master’s Degree at Seattle Pacific University, and an Honorary Doctorate from Northwest Nazarene University in 2015. She is currently serving on the Advisory Board of the Washington State Chaplains Foundation Advisory Board (primarily serving the Washington State Patrol & Fish and Wildlife Chaplains) and is a Trustee at Northwest Nazarene University.