Seven Lessons We Learned from the First Four Years

Michael Somerville

Michael and Jessica Somerville are entering their fifth year of homeschooling their three daughters. In this session, Michael reflects on some of the lessons that they learned along the way. As second-generation homeschoolers, Michael and Jessica thought that their learning curve would not be all that steep. Wrong! Listen in as Michael shares what we …

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Michael Somerville serves as the vice president of Lampstand Press, which publishes the well-known humanities and worldview curriculum, Tapestry of Grace.

Home-educated through high school by Scott and Marcia Somerville, authors of Tapestry of Grace, Michael went on to academic success, graduating at the top of his class from the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business before going on to complete his Master’s in Science in Systems Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University with a 4.0 GPA.

Michael’s professional career in systems engineering and project management encompassed seven years working for defense contractor Lockheed Martin, as well as several years as an independent contractor, and as a project manager for a small business. Michael’s home education prepared him well, equipping him with the tools to understand people, communicate effectively, write clearly, build effective teams, and creatively solve problems in the real world.

As an actively homeschooling father of three daughters, Michael and his wife Jessica are second-generation users of Tapestry of Grace, and worked together to develop Tapestry Primer, which adapts the principles and practices of Tapestry for families that are just starting their homeschooling journey. Together, they love raising their daughters to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind.

In his role with Lampstand Press, Michael leads the company’s development of new products, and efforts to tell homeschoolers about the joys of a story-driven, whole-family worldview education built around an authentically Christ-centered study of the humanities and the Great Conversation. Michael is passionate about sharing his perspective as a second-generation homeschooler with others, and about encouraging families in their pursuit of home-based education.