About Drive Thru History

Drive Thru History is a joy ride through the fast lane of times-gone-by, led by the irreverent but always-relevant Dave Stotts.

Dave doesn’t just talk about history: he lives it in fast, easy-to-digest road trips, like the trip to the Coliseum in Rome where Dave accidentally picks a fight with one of those cheesy “Roman Guards” who’ll pose for a picture for a couple of Euros. Suddenly, Dave is Maximus in a fight to the death! (In his mind, that is….)

Drive Thru History is a series that makes exploring the history of Western Civilization both meaningful and entertaining. Dave checks out the ancient civilizations starting in Egypt and Mesopotamia, and then on his way out of town, spins by Greece.  With a major excursion through the Roman Empire, Dave will be sure to open ’er up in Europe, with an eventual side trip to America.

With Dave Stotts as your guide, you’re sure to enjoy the ride, and you might even learn a thing or two about history and how we’re all connected to these places and events!

This is over 2500 years of history…so we had better make it fast. And who wants to be lectured to? We’d better make it fun. That’s part of the story. Remember, Ferdinand Magellan, Marco Polo, and Christopher Columbus never had a driver’s license!

Rome If You Want To

Your journey with Dave begins with one of his classic misadventures: getting lost in Rome. You’ll then wander your way back to visit the ancient heart of the city, Palatine Hill; meet the Emperors who walked the roads of Rome during the time of Christ; explore the Arch of Titus; and observe first-hand the destruction of Jerusalem. As always, Dave has plenty of surprises for you in store: on this trip, he’ll drag you into inciting a sword fight with a group of guards at the Coliseum, and throw you into the middle of an ancient Roman chariot race. You’ll witness the Great Fire of Rome, meander through the Roman Pantheon, and unravel the extent of Nero’s persecution of Christians and their influence on the Roman world.

Greece and the World

Ready for Round 2? In this chapter of your journey, you and Dave will kick the trip into high gear and speed through the history of Western Civilization in a fast-paced, hilarious trek through Greece. You’ll encounter the people, places, and events that revolutionized Western Civilization—and the world, as we know it today.

Turkish Delight

Now, you and Dave will road-trip directly east, straight across the border of Turkey. You’ll have a front-row seat for more adventure, more laughs, and more thrilling twists and turns through history as Dave drives you through cities, ancient ruins, and destinations off the beaten path. You’ll discover how places like Smyrna and Sardis shifted the tides of the ancient world, and how the messages delivered to these cities as penned in the book of Revelation shed light onto what life was like for the early church. Then, you and Dave will swap your tires for a camel—yep, you read that right!—to ride through the hot springs of Hierapolis and explore the ruins of Laodicea and Colossae on a mission to uncover the fascinating historical clues these cities reveal.

East Meets West

As the last stretch of your journey, you and Dave will embark on an investigation of the intersection of Eastern and Western thought. You’ll meander through a local bazaar, stumble across underground cities that you just can’t help but to explore, and piece together clues as to why Istanbul was such a historically crucial city. Then, the two of you will voyage back across the ocean and find yourselves in Washington D.C. to discover how Greek, Roman, and Christian thought shaped the foundations of America.